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Courtney 8x8 Low Density Topper

Courtney 8x8 Low Density Topper

8x8 cap - wefted cap with a 4x4 hand sewn silk top for realistic looking scalp
·        Part can be moved around by wetting, re-parting and drying.  Bangs could be added.
·        Color is soft black 
·        Dries straight with a slight wave
·        Premium Brazilian hair
·        Pressure sensitive clips around perimeter
·        Comb at the front 
·        14 inches which is measured from center middle part down. 
·         110-115% ultra lightweight density
.     Please note with ultra lightweight density that ends of your natural hair may show through so the color needs to blend well with your hair. It does not have to be exact but close. 
**Pics are taken beside a window with indirect sunlight. Outside, hair will appear lighter than pictured and inside and away from window will appear darker. **

·         Please ready full return/exchange policy before purchasing
·         Every effort is made to depict the most accurate reflection of the color of the hairpiece.  However, please note actual colors may vary due to the fact that hair may look slightly different in person than what you see on your computer monitor or mobile phone. Every computer/phone monitor, lighting, and setting, all have a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees  colors slightly different.
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