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The inspiration behind Toss Hair Collection

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Me and Bee. My daughter, my best friend and my hair buddy. This is Bria (we call her Bee) on her wedding day in Feb 2019. She is wearing a wig and I am wearing a topper. Bria developed Alopecia at 2 years old. I had never even heard of Alopecia. We visited every doctor. We tried every treatment. The last treatment was terrifying for her. Cortisone injections in her scalp! At that point I had enough and that was when I began looking for wigs for my baby girl. As a child growing up with Alopecia it was rough. The wigs available were less than stellar but it was the best to be found, at the time . Needless to say she has been through quite a few and thank the good Lord wigs have come a LONG way! Then several years ago my hair began thinning due to an autoimmune disease and I learned a new word again.... TOPPERS! Since then I have been hooked. We know how you feel. Hair loss, whether small or large can be devastating. Let me help you turn your Hair Loss into Hair Toss!

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29 de jan.



09 de out. de 2021

You're both gorgeous. I am on the hunt for a nice topper and salon who can customize it to me. However there is nothing where I live. Do you have a salon? If so where are you located? I would hate to buy something without trying it on with a professional.


26 de mai. de 2021

Hi Brie and Bee! You two are just stunning! I am so happy to have found you!


15 de abr. de 2020

You are both beautiful women! Your toppers and wigs are stunning, too.

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