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Hi!  We would love to hear from you.  Should you need any assistance please contact us at

We are located in the United States. 

When you email, please be as specific as possible with your questions.  It helps us to get the answers that you need in a timelier manner. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response however we do strive to respond asap. Below are some commonly asked questions that may be of assistance to you,  


When will toppers be restocked?

Toss Hair restocks toppers 2-4 times per month. The toppers that are stocked at each drop vary.  For example:  One drop may contain different colors and lengths than the previous drop, and so on.  Most of the time we do not know the exact date well in advance.  Once toppers are about to be released, we always announce on Instagram that a drop is coming soon.  Usually one week in advance. Please be sure to follow on Instagram @tosshairandglow and @tosshaircollection if you have an Instagram account.  If you are eager to catch a certain piece you may want to set your notifications on Instagram to notify you when we post. Toss Hair is a smaller seller and we do not have unlimited stock.  Once a drop is released it is one item of each shown.  Some topper colors are "one of a kind" and may not be repeated.  

What is the cost for a topper?

Prices for each topper will vary greatly depending on hair texture, hair length, color and cap construction.  Typical prices on silk toppers range anywhere from approximately $850 to $1400 USD.  Some may be more, and some may be less.  



Thank you for your interest in purchasing your hairpiece from Toss Hair Collection. Toss Hair will now accept a limited number of topper preorders per month. Once we are at capacity for that month no more orders will be accepted until the next month. Toss Hair is owned and operated by me alone. Due to this, the number of toppers that I am able to list each month on the website is limited, therefore it can make it difficult for a customer to purchase the topper they would like. Customers often wait for the next stock drop only to find the color or length they are waiting for is not available and/or it was already purchased by someone else before they could get to it. I completely understand this frustration as I was also one a consumer before I opened Toss Hair.


What is a preorder?


A preorder will allow you to choose from select topper colors that Toss Hair has previously sold. Not all colors that have been sold in the past will be available for preorder. Only colors that we are confident in reproducing. Please note that even the same color can and will have slight variations from one to another. This is simply due to the nature of coloring hair.


You will be able to choose your desired length between 14-20 inches. In some cases we may be able to go longer than 20. This depends on the individual topper you are interested in.


We predominantly sell 8x8 cap sizes and some 7x8 caps. This depends on which topper as well due to the fact certain suppliers we use only make certain cap sizes.


A preorder is not the same as a custom order and we will not be accepting custom orders. Preorders are only available on colors we have previously sold so that you are able to view pictures of what the topper looks like. The color will not be able to be further customized.


The turnaround time for each topper depends on many factors. We must take into account the production time with suppliers as well as the turnaround time with the colorist and my time to prepare your topper. This could be anywhere from 3-4 weeks or up to 8-12 weeks. Once we discuss in detail what you would like to purchase then I can provide an approximate time frame and give you a price quote. If you would then like to proceed, payment will be collected upfront and we will begin the process.


Preorders are FINAL SALE. No cancellations allowed. No returns, refunds or exchanges are allowed. No exceptions. It is very important that your understand this policy. If you are not comfortable with no returns or exchanges then please do not consider a preorder. You would need to watch the stock drops for a topper to purchase.


With your preorder we offer a free one time virtual consultation to go over the process of needed. My goal is to be as open and transparent about the process as possible. I want you to love your topper and understand what you are purchasing. This is a large investment. I do not recommend purchasing through a preorder if you have never tried a topper before. I will accept the order but if you have not tried a topper before it can be an overwhelming process to start off and I often find that first time topper wearers need to at least try different cap constructions before they truly know their preference. I have multiple videos available on YouTube explaining about toppers and what to expect. I recommend any new topper wearer to please watch these videos first. Link below.


The colors that may be available for preorder can be found in the Gallery section on Please note that these colors may change from time to time. This is just a reference point. Once you contact me we can go from there on colors that are available.


Please note actual colors may vary. It is important to understand that the hair may look slightly different in person than what you see on your computer monitor. All of the following factors can affect the color perception:


  • Computer monitors and cell phones.

  • Artificial vs natural light.

  • Time of day.

  • The lighting in your home vs mine.

  • Distance from window.


I make every effort to display the most accurate representation of the hair color but please understand that purchasing online has its limitations. Also, hair colors may look differently on one person than another. What looks light on me may appear darker on you.

For further information on placing a pre-order please email me at

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