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Hi!  We would love to hear from you.  Should you need any assistance please contact us at

We are located in the United States. 

When you email, please be as specific as possible with your questions.  It helps us to get the answers that you need in a timelier manner. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response however we do strive to respond asap. Below are some commonly asked questions that may be of assistance to you,  


When will toppers be restocked?

Toss Hair restocks toppers 2-4 times per month. The toppers that are stocked at each drop vary.  For example:  One drop may contain different colors and lengths than the previous drop, and so on.  Most of the time we do not know the exact date well in advance.  Once toppers are about to be released, we always announce on Instagram that a drop is coming soon.  Usually one week in advance. Please be sure to follow on Instagram @angie_tosshaircollection and @tosshaircollection if you have an Instagram account.  If you are eager to catch a certain piece you may want to set your notifications on Instagram to notify you when we post. Toss Hair is a smaller seller and we do not have unlimited stock.  Once a drop is released it is one item of each shown.  Some topper colors are "one of a kind" and may not be repeated.  

What is the cost for a topper?

Prices for each topper will vary greatly depending on hair texture, hair length, color and cap construction.  Typical prices on silk toppers range anywhere from approximately $850 to $1400 USD.  Some may be more, and some may be less.  






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